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We can offer all kinds of animations and conferences in Switzerland : nature awareness, initiation to the manipulation of arthropods,  especially on the subject of arthropods or more precisely on certain natural phenomena. This announcement is for all audiences. So if you're looking for enthusiasts to talk about arthropods in a school for example, you're in the right place ! Do not hesitate to contact us. We are volunteers but we are asking for a contribution to transport costs.

House of the Nature (Sion) The 30.05.2015



Our animation at the House of Nature went very well. The public, with whom we have had enriching discussions, has been very interested. It was a great pleasure to be able to share our knowledge in the special context of the Feast of Nature. We would like to thank the organizers of the exhibition on mimicry for having so kindly offered to come and talk about our passion. We took the opportunity to make a short video and photo session of the Yemen helmeted chameleon of the exhibition.


Aqua-Terra Guests of Honor - The 27.09.2014



We would like to thank Christian Derwey and the members of the Aqua Terra club of Friborg for making us "guests of honor" on the occasion of the 2014 Belfaux terrarium exhibition. We really had very interesting encounters and we could not stop discussing arthropods with other enthusiasts ... A beautiful experience !

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