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It is a poster grouping together 43 mantoptera oothecae. I would like to warmly thank Mehdi Issertes and Paul Streby (Mantis Passion) who have allowed me to complete my collection of oothecae.

  • Each ootheca is accompanied by the name of the species, the scientist who discovered it, its size, the family and the locality. The goal is to show the great diversity of the oothecae in the world of the mantoptera.

  • The pictures were taken with the Laowa 60mm f / 2.8 lens mounted on a Nikon D610 camera. Photo editing was done only with free software: Photofiltre, Paint, ViewNX2.

  • The funds raised by the sale of this poster belong to the Macroscientifique group and support their projects.                                D.K

Poster d'oothèques - Jeunescientifiques
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